Sunday, January 18, 2015

Philadelphia Home Show 2015

We braved the wet weather today and ventured out to the Philadelphia Home Show.   The kids were excited.  Please read the previous sentence with a hint of sarcasm.  If you were interested in cabinets, windows and gutters then this was definitely your year.  They were everywhere!  And not what we needed.  Our main goals were closet design and interior design and maybe some landscaping.  

I was so focused on my search that I totally forgot to take pics!  My poor iPhone thanks me, ;)

The first booth we stopped at was a local business named Victory Closets.  This is a local guy who claims to have pioneered a totally new concept in closet design at a cheap price.  Oh yeah?  Show me:

The beauty of the system is that you can re configure the closet space for whatever suits your fancy.  And the price is fantabulous compared to other closet designers.  The only drawback is that the wood comes in only one wood/ color/ stain: coffee maple.

We also stopped by a couple of interior designers: Absolute Living and Concept 2 Design.  Both companies were rather friendly but neither one jumped out at us.  I guess that will come when we do the consultation services.  They both provide some of the same services- consultation, built ins, custom window treatments and the like.  However Concept 2 Design comes straight out of Perkasie and they are sometimes hired to create those model home looks we all love so much.  

There was a sauna exhibitor which gave my husband the great idea of installing one in the basement instead of a second powder room.  He then suggested putting the sauna in our walk in closet.  And take the extra closet space we just gained? I love you but no. 

One of the last vendors we visited was a salt water hot tub exhibit.  This is one my husband's dreams.  We really don't have a place to put it but he is definitely plotting and planning to get it on our property somehow.  I must admit they do look pretty nice


  1. I'll have to scope out the closet designer. Does he offer a neighborhood special if he does others? Haha!
    What do you mean you don't have room for a hot tub?! You should definitely have space. We are planning to build a pool in a few years on our lot. Plenty of room for pool, deck, paver patio, playground, and yard space. ;-)

  2. Went to the model today. Your house is coming along. Saw them working on the front. :))