Monday, January 12, 2015

Pre Dry Wall Inspection

My pre drywall inspection was today, in the rain.  So glad I didn't have to be there, lol.  I was actually feeling sorry for the inspector but after I got my report I am GLAD that it did rain.

First and foremost, my husband and I have always said that we would do pre drywall inspection as well as a pre settlement inspection.  One or two neighbors did exclaim "But isn't that expensive?"  I always responded with "It's a lot cheaper than any possible repairs that would cost me nothing if they were fixed before I moved in."

I received my inspection report by email only a few hours after it was completed.  Love it!  While reading the report I was very surprised to discover that in my place my PM actually walked the house with my inspector.  Score one star for M.

My report boiled down to a few issues that should be repaired BEFORE drywall.  He stressed this many times as he noted that they were preparing for insulation.  I guess he was worried that they may just cover up any defects.

Problem #1

Jack strap (what the hell is that?!) missing in the corner as soon as you walk through front door and on the second floor in almost identical spot.  (BTW if you google "jack strap" some non construction images pop up)

 Problem #2

Water ponding in area before entering master bath (see why I am glad it rained?)  He also noted a water leak in both bathrooms only because of the angle of the pipe and probably because vent collars had yet to be installed.
Can you imagine the disaster this would have been?

Problem #3 

Window in back left corner was not plumb- which would answer on the problem written on the floor

Problem #4
Plenty of water in pan beneath high efficiency furnace

My inspector was also concerned about our kitchen vent/ fan.  He noted that it appears to recirculate the air and not blow out to the exterior of the home.  He question if it was written that way in the contract.  I do understand his confusion- shouldn't the kitchen be an exhaust?  What if you burn something? Or you happen to be cooking fish? Don't you want to blow those things AWAY from the home?  I will question my PM tomorrow on this (even though he was at the inspection)

There were couple of other minor issues that need to be corrected like vent in the kitchen needed to be properly secured  but otherwise things are looking good.  I will definitely follow up and make sure these issues have been repair before drywall.


  1. Does Ryan build to Energy Star specs in your area? Energy Star requires kitchen exhaust be ducted to the exterior of the home. Simply recirculating the exhaust is no good.

    1. They are suppose to do it where ever they build. I suspect that it was hooked up wrong and I will verify this with my PM.